RHP Self-Lube bearingsNSK-RHP is part of the international NSK groupwho are one of the world's leading manufacturersof rolling bearings, automotive components andmechatronic products.The group has more than 30 manufacturing unitsaround the world, employing over 21,000 peopleand is represented by sales offices and AuthorisedDistributors almost everywhere.Our manufacturing programme includes bearingsfrom 1mm bore to 5 metres, covering virtually allconceivable application areas. Self-Lube is anintegral part of our comprehensive product range.Every care has been taken to ensure that theinformation in this publication is accurate but noliability can be accepted for any errors oromissions. Copyright NSK-RHP 1997The contents of this publication are the copyrightof the publishers1

RHP Self-Lube bearingsIntroductionProduct SelectionSelf-Lube is the registered trademark for theRHP range of wide inner ring bearings andmounted bearing units.The purpose of this catalogue is to introduce theRHP Self-Lube range and provide the necessarytechnical information for assisting in selectingthe most appropriate Self-Lube product for mostapplications. NSK-RHP can provide many otheritems which are covered in further publicationsand can provide additional advice.Self-Lube units provide simple and effectivebearing arrangements capable of accommodating moderate initial misalignment from mountingerrors. They are easily mounted onto commercialshafting and are particularly useful wherefabricated machine frames are employed.The units are available in a variety of pillow blockand flange mounted configurations with onepiece cast iron or two piece pressed steelhousings.Self-Lube inserts are wide inner ring ballbearings that are effectively and efficientlysealed. Simple fitting onto standard shafting isprovided for by means of eccentric lockingcollar, set screws or adapter sleeve.Examples of calculation methods used whenmaking a selection are included within thiscatalogue together with advice and informationabout mounting.In line with our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to amend the detailsin this catalogue without prior notice. If you haveany doubts when making an applicationselection, or if you require additional information,please contact NSK-RHP.The reliability, simplicity and ease of assembly ofitems in the Self-Lube range has resulted in theirpopularity for agricultural, extraction andconstruction machinery as well as process andautomation equipment.23

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The Self-lube product rangeThe Self-Lube product rangeUnder the heading of Self-Lube bearings there aretwo basic products: the Self-Lube bearing insert andthe Self-Lube bearing unit.Self-Lube bearing unitThe RHP range of Self-Lube bearing units offer awide choice of cast iron, pressed steel or syntheticrubber housings fitted with the full range of SelfLube bearing inserts, with spherical outsidediameter. They will accommodate initial housingmisalignment up to 0,030 radians but are notrecommended for running misalignment in excess of0,001 radians.The general housing types are pillow blocks,flange units, take-up units, cartridge units andhanger units. Choice is very much determined bythe requirements of the application, although theaesthetic appearance of the machine design is oftenan important consideration. Self-Lube units havebeen designed to meet the needs of both criteria.The castings are made from high-quality castiron, and finished on all unmachined surfaces withan electrostatic air drying paint.Pressed steel housings are made from mild steelstrip, and are zinc plated. Rubber housings aremoulded in antistatic nitrile rubber.Self-Lube bearing insertThe Self-Lube bearing insert, commonly known as awide inner ring bearing, is designed to suit the widerange of housings offered by RHP in theSelf-Lube bearing unit range and is also suitablefor applications where the user's own housing ispreferred.They are basically deep-groove ball bearings tothe internationally popular 6200 series configurationwith integral design features making them morefunctional and versatile than the standard ballbearing. The radial internal clearance is C3 forstandard bearing inserts and they are offered witheither parallel or spherical outside diameter outerrings with the latter being the type fitted in thebearing unit.The integral design features of the bearing insertsuch as shaft locking, seals and lubrication areexplained in the following pages.Variations of the basic series which have beendesigned for specific applications are also includedin this catalogue, e.g. Triple Lip Seal inserts, DiscHarrow bearings and the1726200-2RS series.Additional ProductsRHP does recognise the need for the 'tailormade' and is always willing to help customerswho have a requirement for something out of theordinary, commensurate with meeting certainprice and volume criteria. The glossary of some ofthe special inserts and units which RHP currentlymanufactures is shown on pages 103 to104.List of common Prefixes and SuffixesPrefixesBUnit or bearing insert supplied without locking collar.JGrease groove on the side of the bearing insert nearest to the locking device.TTriple lip sealed bearing insert.SuffixesAUnit fitted with set screw lock insert with flush inner ring on one side.C4Radial clearance greater than C3.CG Parallel outside diameter insert with grease groove and snap ring fitted.DEC Eccentric collar lock with extended inner ring.DLDouble locking inner ring - 4 set screws (2 each end).ECEccentric collar lock with flush inner ring on one side.FSBearing insert fitted with flinger seals.GBearing insert having relubrication facility.HBearing insert with hexagon bore.HLT High and Low temperature bearing insert.JBearing insert with pressed steel cage.KBearing insert with tapered bore.LLarger than normal unit for the basic bore size.RSmaller than normal unit for the basic bore size.89

The Self-lube product rangeSealing and cagesSelf-Lube ProtectorThe RHP Self-Lube Protector is designed to protectthe machine operator from the dangers of rotatingshaft ends and the external surfaces of the bearingfrom contamination.The Protector is made from good quality mild steeland coated with enamel paint making it robust,attractive and long lasting. It is easy to fit and can beremoved without breakage or deformation thusallowing it to be refitted time after time.Standard Self-Lube inserts with spherical outsidediameters have a 'groove' in the outer ring on theopposite side from the grease groove. The Protectorhas two claws which locate through the castingloading slots with the 'groove' in the outer ring. Thisprovides a very secure lock and makes the Protectordifficult to dislodge. The user of Self-Lube units is notrequired to purchase special bearings or provideany additional locking device.The Protector can be removed by inserting a formof lever device into the small hole in one of the clawsand exerting slight pressure outwards. Thisdisengages the claw from the outer ring 'groove'. Areplaceable cover for the hole is provided.Single lip sealThe standard Self-Lube sealing arrangementconsists of a nitrile and fabric sealing elementsandwiched between two metal pressings. This hasbeen successfully proven over the years on a widevariety of applications.The 'S' type seal now introduced incorporatesfurther design developments. The nitrile seal (blackin colour) is bonded to a strong steel former firmlysecured in the bearing outer ring. The flexiblesealing lip contacts the fine ground finish of theinner ring to give low friction with effective sealing.Triple lip sealFor applications with a high degree ofcontamination, the specially developed RHP triplelip seal is recommended. It consists of a one-piecemoulded nitrile seal with three sealing lips, bondedto a protective steel outer pressing which is stronglysecured in the outer ring making a highly efficientsealing arrangement. It is not recommended for highspeeds. See pages 88 to 90 inclusive.Triple lip sealSingle lip sealSingle lip seal - 'S' typeCagesPlastic cages. All standard Self-Lube bearing insertsare fitted with nylon 66 cages.Steel cages. Bearings specified to operate atextremes of temperature are fitted with steel cages.Flinger SealWhere extra protection is required without loss ofbearing catalogue speed, the 'Flinger seal' is ideal.It consists of a steel flange to which is bonded aflexible nitrile sealing lip.They are offered for the 1000 and 1000DEC typesand are identified with the suffix FS(e.g. 1025-25GFS,NP25FS).Please check availability.(Patented)Flinger seal1011

LubricationShaft locking arrangementsLubricationSelf-Lube bearings are factory charged with thecorrect amount of grease and do not require afurther grease charge when being fitted.Re-lubrication is not normally necessary exceptwhen operating at extremes of temperature, speed,loading, extended running, or where excessive wetor dirty conditions exist. The re-greasing cycle isdependent upon each application, and in suchcases please consult NSK-RHP, or refer to the RHPTechnical Handbook.All cast iron units are fitted with a standard regreaseable bearing insert. The housings areprovided with a tapped hole to facilitate relubricationand supplied with a plastic plug and grease nipple.All such units are tapped 1/4" UNF except for the FCseries which is tapped M5 x 0,8 pitch.Note: A grease adapter (ref. 1003G) is availableto fit the 1/4" UNF tapped hole to give 1/8" BSP femalefitting.To make the unit re-greaseable, insert greasenipple provided.The pressed steel housings are not provided witha re-greasing facility.Suitable greases for re-lubricating standardSelf-Lube bearings are premium quality lithiumbased of No. 21/2 or No.3 consistency. See erita HVAlbida R2Alvania R3Alvania RALZR2Energrease LS3-20 C to 110 C Beacon 3Multis Special 3Lupus A3Mobilux 3Set screw lockThis locking arrangement consists of two knurledcup-point, self-locking, socket-head set screws fittedin the extended inner ring .For normal loads and moderate speeds simplymount the bearing unit into position and tightendown the set screws to the recommended torquevalue.Additional security can be achieved by spotdrilling the shaft to accommodate the set screwpoint. When spot drilling, first remove the set screwand locate the unit in position on the shaft. Select adrill the size of the inner ring threads minor diameter,and drill through this hole into the shaft to the depthof the drill point.Replace the set screw and tighten onto the shaft inthe normal manner.The recommended tightening torques for the setscrews are given on page 14.set-screw lockSupplierShellShellShellShellSilkoleneBPEsso PetroleumTotalCentury OilsMobil OilLowdown to -40 CTemperatureKluber Asonic HQ72-102HighTemperature up to 180 CKluber Asonic HQ72-10212High and Low temperature inserts/unitsBearing inserts and units can be supplied foroperating up to a maximum temperature of 180 Cand down to a minimum temperature of -40 C.Re-greasing is essential for these bearings usingthe recommended grease shown in the table. Othergreases must not be used.These bearings are fitted with a steel cage andprovided with C5 radial internal clearance asstandard.When ordering please add the suffix HLT to theinsert or unit reference, e.g. NP25EC HLT.Eccentric collar lockEccentric collar lockTaper sleeve lockThis locking arrangement which incorporates astandard taper adapter sleeve, locknut and lockwasher, is recommended when a positive concentric(shaft) lock is required.When fitting the bearing to the shaft, care must betaken to ensure that the locknut is not overtightenedas this can eliminate the bearing internal clearance,resulting in premature failure. A lockwasher isprovided which prevents the locknut 'backing off'when one of the tabs is engaged with thecorresponding notch in the locknut. (See page 15for fitting instructions.)The recommended tightening torques for thelocknuts are given on page 14.Set screw lockTaper sleeve lockEccentric collar lockThis type of lock consists of an eccentric diameterformed on the extended inner ring of the bearingwhich engages a similarly formed eccentricdiameter in the bore of a separate collar.Locking is achieved by turning the collar in thedirection of shaft rotation until the eccentricdiameters of both collar and inner ring are fullyengaged. The collar is provided with a blind hole tofacilitate tightening when locking the bearing to theshaft. The set screw when tightened to therecommended torque values on page 14 preventsthe collar 'backing off' in service.Taper sleeve lock13

Set screw thread and tightening torquesMounting instructionsfor Self-Lube bearing unitsSet screw thread and sizeGeneral notes on mountingTo prevent the possibility of damage to thebearing due to faulty installation, Self-Lubehousings should always be bolted to theequipment and secured in position together withthe shaft assembly before locking the inner ringsonto the shaft. Failure to do so could result inaxial preload leading to premature failure.Clean, straight shafting should always be used,with a chamfered shaft end to provide a lead intothe bearing bore.It is important to ensure that the set screws areclear of the bearing bore before the unit isassembled onto the shaft.The Self-Lube bearings will normally slide overthe shaft but if a force fit is required a correctlysized brass tube should be used to press againstthe inner ring face. Never hammer the end of theinner ring or housing as this may damage thebearing.When a shaft mounting is complete, turn theshaft to make certain it rotates freely withoutbinding.When using the spot drill method for the setscrew seating, be careful not to damage thescrew threads of the inner ring with the drill.All cast iron bearing housings should bemounted, whenever possible, so that they are incompression under load, not tension, i.e. takeup units should be mounted with the adjusterpushing against the housing for take-upadjustment.Cast iron housings should not be used onapplications with heavy reversing or pulsatingaxial loads.Special consideration should be given toapplications with long bearing centre distances,or cases where the bearing could be subject toinduced loads caused by differential expansiondue to temperature change. In such cases pleaseconsult NSK-RHP.BasicbearinginsertreferenceSeries1000G, 1100, 1200G, 13001000 DECG, 1100DEC, 1200ECG, 1300ECInch bore diametersMetric bore diametersInch bore diametersMetric bore diameters1017102010251/4UNFM6 x 0,75M6 x 0,75M6 x 0,751/4UNF1/4UNF1/4UNFM6 x 0,75M6 x 0,75M6 x 0,7510301/4UNFM6 x 0,755/16 UNFM8 x 1,0010351040104510501/4UNFM6 x 0,75M8 x 1,00M8 x 1,00M8 x 1,003/8UNFM10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,2510551060106510703/8UNFM10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,253/8UNF107510807/16 UNFM12 x 1,25M12 x 1,257/16 UNF-M12 x 1,25-1085109030951/2UNFM12 x 1,25M12 x 1,25M12 x 1,25--1/4UNF5/16 UNF5/16 UNF5/16 UNF3/8UNF3/8UNF3/8UNF7/16 UNF1/2UNF1/2UNF1/4UNF3/8UNF3/8UNF3/8UNFM10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,25M10 x 1,253/8UNF3/8UNF3/8UNFSet screw tightening torques and maximum axial loadsSet screw sizeSocket/Allen keysize (across flats)Recommended maximum tightening torqueSet screw maximum axial load1/4UNF1/8 "newton metres (Nm)lbf-inchesnewtons (N)lbf6,86025005/16 UNF5605/32 "12,411035007853/8UNF3/16 "22,6200450010107/16 UNF7/32 "31,6280750016851/2UNF1/4 "45,240090002025M6 x 0,753mm5,7502500560M8 x 1,004mm12,41103500785M10 x 1,255mm27,124050001235M12 x 1,256mm38,434080001800Additional notes on mounting Self-Lubeadapter sleeve units1 First bolt the Self-Lube housing to theequipment and clean the shaft and sleeve boreof any oil or grease.2 Position the shaft within the unit and tighten upthe locknut by hand. If the sleeve assemblyturns on the shaft tap the sleeve into thebearing to give a positive grip. Tighten locknutto recommended torque value given onpage 14.3 Where torque spanner facilities are not availablea blunt drift and small hammer may be used totighten the nut.4 Check that the bearing rotates freely, to ensurethat the internal clearance has not been totallyremoved and that preload has been avoided.5 Finally, secure the nut with the appropriate tabon the locking washer.6 After 100 hours running it is advisable to checkthe tightness of the locknut.Note For axial loads in excess of the values listed a shouldered shaft against the face of the inner ring isrecommended. Maximum axial loads with a shouldered shaft are shown on page 21.Recommended tightening torques for adapter sleeve unitsSleeve bore size20mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,143/4"15/16 ",1"13/16"11/4", 13/8"17/16", 11/2"111/16", 13/4"115/16" 2"11/8",Tightening 015

Mounting instructions for Self-Lube bearing unitsBearings load ratings and enduranceDynamic load ratingsThe RHP dynamic load ratings given in thiscatalogue and the relationship between theseand bearing fatigue life are based on theISO standard 281. (1990)Self-Lube cast iron pillow block units1Relieve set screws clear of thebore and slide bearing onto theshaft.2Bolt the unit down on to a flatsurface but do not over-tighten.3Tighten set screws torecommended torque.Self-Lube pressed steel flange units1Assemble bearing and housingand slide onto the shaft. Do notengage collar.2Lightly tighten bolts, repeat atother end of shaft and then finallytighten bolts on both sides.3Engage the eccentric collar indirection of shaft rotation.Basic dynamic radial load rating CrThis is def