THE ONLNISTY How to Set Up and ProtectYour AccountTISCEP800-63-3RFIEDCCalifornia EDD has partnered with to create asecure identity verification process that ensures you, andonly you, will be able to access your unemploymentbenefits.In just a few short steps, you’ll create your login,secure your account, and verify your identity.If you got an email from EDD to Verify Your Identity: Please click the link that says: "We need to verifyyour identity with, our online identity verificationservice, to continue paying you benefits (and prevent anoverpayment from being assessed)." You will be directed to a webpage with the title"Verify Your Identity with" Please click the green "Verify with" buttonto begin your identity verification process and followthe below guidanceIf you are filing a new claim with EDD: Log in or create a new accountwithin EDD's Benefits Portal File a new claim You will be asked to answer several questionsbefore being directed to Once you are directed to verify your identity,please begin your identity verification process andfollow the guidance belowWhat You’ll Need:Email AddressMobile Phonewith Camerawww.ID.meSocial SecurityNumberLaptop orComputer (optional)Photo ID (Driver’s License,Passport, Passport Card,or State ID)Copyright 2020, Inc.

Set Up Your AccountIf you already have an account, you can simply signin by clicking “Sign in to” and entering your logincredentials. Otherwise, follow the steps below.STEP 1To create your account, enter an emailaddress you can access and choose a password.Click the checkbox to accept’s termsand conditions and privacy policy. Then,click “Create account.”STEP 2Check your inbox for an email from Clickthe button in the email to confirm your emailaddress. Then, return to your browser. The pagewill automatically move forward to the next step.www.ID.meCopyright 2020, Inc.

Secure Your AccountCompleting this step makes youraccount more secureTo protect your account, you’ll set up extra security called multi-factor authentication (MFA).MFA uses a one-time passcode that is sent to your phone or generated via a mobile app each timeyou log in.STEP 1Choose an MFA option. You can receive a passcodevia text message or phone call. You can also choose oneof the other listed methods which use a phone appor physical key fob to securely send the passcode.STEP 2Most people choose to send the passcode to theirphone. Just enter your phone number and thencheck your text messages or answer the phone toreceive your 6-digit passcode.STEP 3Back on your browser, enter the 6-digit passcodeand click continue.STEP 4If you want, you can generate and save a recoverycode. The recovery code allows you to access youraccount even if you don’t have the phone or deviceyou used to set up MFA.www.ID.meCopyright 2020, Inc.

Verify Your IdentityCompleting this process once also allows you to access other sitesthat offer as a sign-in option.Proving your identity is as simple as uploading a photo of your government ID and taking a selfie.By verifying your identity through, your state unemployment agency ensures that you, andonly you, are able to receive access to your unemployment benefits.STEP 1Choose a document typeto submit: driver’s license,state ID, passport, orpassport card.STEP 2Either upload existing photos from yourdesktop OR type in the phone numberof a cell phone that can take pictures. Ifyou choose to take pictures with yourphone, will text you a secure linkthat will open your phone camera.www.ID.meCopyright 2020, Inc.

STEP 3Follow the instructions to take pictures of your ID. For adriver’s license, state ID, or passport card, remember totake a photo of the front and back. When you’re satisfiedwith the photos, click continue.STEP 4Follow the instructions to take a video selfie. Ensureyou’re in a well-lit area. You’ll be asked to look at thecolors on your phone screen while takes a shortvideo selfie to verify that you’re really you.STEP 5The final step to verify your identity isto enter your Social Security number.Why does ask for this?www.ID.meCopyright 2020, Inc.

Confirm and AuthorizeYou’re almost there!The last step is to confirm your information and to securely share your identity verification informationwith your state unemployment agency. will never shareyour information without your permission.STEP 1Make sure that all your information is accurate and complete.If it is, check the box attesting that the information is accurate,and then click continue. If not, hit the edit buttonsto make changes.STEP 2You’ll see a message saying that your identity has been successfullyverified. By clicking “Allow and continue,” will be able tosend your information to the agency and you will be granted accessto your account.Get Stuck Along the Way?At we have a No Identity LeftBehind mission. If you get stuckalong the way, we are here to help.You’ll see a screen inviting you toconnect with an team membervia video call who will verify youridentity in moments.If you have additional questions, please navigate to and ask our virtual assistant or submit a request.Our member support team is available 24 hours a day, 7days a week and will get back to you as soon as possible.www.ID.meCopyright 2020, Inc.