No matter who you areor where you are on life’s journey You are welcome here! A SPECIAL WARM WELCOME TO OUR GUESTS!Thank you for joining us in worship! Please let us know a little more aboutyou by taking a moment to sign the red friendship folders in the row nextto you. If you should have a prayer concern or would like to meet with thePastor please indicate this next to your name. Thank you!Following worship please join us in Fellowship Hall for an informalContinental Breakfast.Please note our worship services are online and televised, your participationin the service may be visible during these live ministries. If you should notwish your child to be on screen, please refrain from sending them forwardduring the children’s time or have them sit directly in front of the pews inthe front.Nursery/childcare is available for children up to age 2 and is located justoff the church parlor Nursery and Sunday School: The nursery is open today for infants throughage 3. 4yr olds- 4th grade Summer Sunday School will meet in the Chapelon level 2. Older children are invited to remain in worship.“Taste and see that the Lord is good” - Psalm 34:8“Too many people just eat to consume calories. Try dining for achange” ― John Walters“From the Eucharist comes strength to live the Christian life and zeal toshare that life with others.” ― John Paul II“A good conscience is a continual feast.”― Robert BurtonGod is still speaking 2

ANNOUNCEMENTSPastor CathyPRELUDEKelley Calpin*SHARING THE PEACE*OPENING SONG #335 Christ The Enteral Lord (verses 1-3)-Smith/ElveyCALL TO WORSHIP (Responsive)Pastor KarenGod calls us to praise and prayer to fill our livesGod of unity, give us this day our daily bread.God nourishes us with food that endures, faith, hope and love.God of grace, give us this day our daily bread.May we grow into new circles of understanding and being, reflecting theways in which we have been touched by God.Holy Spirit, come! Give us this day our daily bread.CHILDREN’S SONGJesus Loves Me (1st Verse)CHILDREN’S MESSAGEPastor CathyThe Lord’s Prayer (read in unison)Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdomcome, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day ourdaily bread, and forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Andlead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is thekingdom, and the power, and the glory forever and ever. Amen.CHILDREN’S SONGJesus Loves Me (2nd verse)Jesus loves me still today,Walking with me on my way,Wanting as a friend to give,Light and love to all who live.SCRIPTURE READINGJohn 6:24-35MINISTRY OF MUSICNancy HesslerEnough3-TomlinThe Band

SILENT MOMENT OF REFLECTIONMESSAGEJeet?Rev. Timothy C. RhodesSACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION- Pastor Karen and Pastor CathyThis table reminds us of the open invitation and grace of God. We come carrying the weightof life, our fears, our flaws, our failures, and our sins. We leave filled, forgiven. At this tablewe are reminded that we are sons and daughters of the living God, kissed by grace, forgiven inways that leave us amazed. We are called to do likewise. This table is open to all who seekthe Bread of Life for the journey and the cup of God’s salvation in Christ. As Christ invitesthe world to come, taste and see the goodness of God, so we too offer a table open to all God’schildren – no exceptions! Welcome to the table God has prepared!Invitation to the TablePrayer of ConfessionAssurance of God’s GraceWords of InstitutionSpecial MusicPastor CathyPastor KarenPastor KarenEat This Bread-TaizeKelley CaplinPrayer of ThanksgivingPastor CathyOFFERING OURSELVES AND OUR GIFTS TO GODSharing Our Gifts with the OffertoryOffertory MusicFill Me UpPastor Karen-CobbsThe Band*Presentation of the Gifts with Praise (sung in unison)To God, all glorious heavenly light,To Christ revealed in earthly night,To God the Spirit now we raise,Our joyful song of thankful praise.*Prayer of Dedication*CLOSING SONGPastor Karen#649 Gather Us In(v1,3,4)*BENEDICTIONAncient WordsPOSTLUDEI Will Bless The Lord At All TimesOUR TIME OF WORSHIP TOGETHER HAS ENDED.NOW MAY OUR CHRISTIAN SERVICE BEGIN!4-Haugen-Deshazo-Pace

Today’s MusiciansVocals: Kelley Calpin, Emily Durham, Anthony BergPiano/Organ: Kelley CalpinStatements: In an effort to save the church money on postage and supplies, we wouldlike to request your permission to send your contribution statements via email. Pleaseemail [email protected] to authorize the emailing of your statement and whichemail you prefer they be sent too. Thank you!New Church AppDownload our new app on your iPhone or Android NOW! Just search for our churchname. The app will keep you connected “real-time”.PRAYER CONCERNS AND COMMUNITY JOYSDea family, Cheryl Comeford, Karen Zyche, Anna Faith Blakenship -grandnieceof Patti Miller, Judy- sister of Carl Lorek, the passing of Theodore Karbonek, July17. 2018, Jennifer ReedGREETERS: Karla Sullivan, Dave & Margaret SwartzUSHERS: Judy Davenport, Jill Rahn, Lora FinucaneHEAD USHER: Bob OrsulaCOUNTERS: Eric Nelson, Paul Zimmerman(Lead Counter) Jim FinucaneThis week’s continental breakfast will be served by Finance & Budget/Audit &Endowment.This week’s altar flowers are in honor of our parents, Jan & Nancy Hessler.Upcoming Announcements Young Parents Visioning Fellowship Group has been rescheduled to a"back to school" fellowship the end of August or early September, dateTBD.If you are donating to the David and Margaret Swartz fund write all checkto the church and in the memo section add “random acts ofkindness/SwartzDURING THIS SUMMER VACATION SEASON, PLEASEREMEMBER TO STAY CURRENT WITH YOUR FINANCIALCOMMITMENT TO OUR CHURCH AND ITS PROGRAMS.Sunday, August 12th, Noon- 2:00 pm, Pet Blessing in Fishel Park withPastor Scott, our church community, and The Dog Barkery. Bring yoursweet pets along Family camping at Tower Hill is coming up August 31 – Sept. 3! Join us overLabor Day weekend in Sawyer, Michigan right next to the Warren Dunes. Tentand trailer sites with electricity are available, with convenient restrooms andshowers. See the reservation form in the Bulletin or Pilgrim to sign up, or see Gail5

Clark or Mona Johnson in Fellowship Hall this Sunday. Questions? Call or textGail at 630-881-3362 or email [email protected] YOUTH GROUP NEWS: Please make sure you received the Augustnewsletter for all of the upcoming youth events. If you did not receive the Augustnewsletter, please call or email Dena Provenzano at 630-660-7445 [email protected] SUPPLY COLLECTION: This summer, as you are buying schoolsupplies for the new school year, please remember the less fortunate.Congregational Care Ministry is collecting school supplies for children of all grades(kindergarten through high school) for Hope’s Front Door (formerly Walk-inMinistry of Hope). Supplies needed are: three-ring binders, pocket folders, coloredpencils, crayons, erasers, broad tip markers, glue sticks, fiskars scissors,highlighters, pencil cases/supply holders, pens/pencils, wide ruled spiralnotebooks, pencil sharpeners, calculators, backpacks. Each Sunday morningstarting July 29th through August 26st, donations can be dropped off in the“SCHOOL SUPPLIES” crate at the west entrance or during the week in theadministrative office. Think back to how exciting it was to get new supplies and beas generous as you can!!! Thank you!!!BLOOD DRIVE THANK YOU: Thank you Mark Herrick and Ron Moravecfor your help at the July 17th Blood Drive Event. Thanks also to Pat Locket forher delicious chocolate chip cookies for our treat table. We had a great turnoutand would like thank all our donors for another successful event; Barbara Bayer,Rich Tol;ekis, AnnaMay Miller, Marvin Miller, Joyce Doemland, David Doemland ,Paul Callahan, Jennifer Teelucksingh, Jane Callahan, Mike Prescott, April Prescott,Denise Finke, Pam Vaughan, Laurel Bowen, Dennis Lewis, Pat Armstrong, RalphAnderson, David Bowen, Dirk Gutzke , Patricia Linden Lewis, Scott Given, JanGiven, Dena Provenzano, Marc, Provenzano, Dave Williams, Dirk Gutzke, TomEisenhart, Janet Bishop, Pat Armstrong, Ruth Popelar, William Popelar, KathyGajuiski. MARK YOUR CALENDAR – PLAN AHEAD: OUR NEXT BLOODDRIVE IS OCTOBER 16TH.OUR ANNUAL CHURCH GARAGE SALE is happening Saturday, September22 from 8:00am to 3:00pm, and then Sunday, 9/23 from 10:30-1:00 it’s our ½price or 5/bag sale! Presale for volunteers is Fri 9/21 from 4-6pm (with no 20%markup for volunteers!) and other church members may shop from 6-8pm (with acustomary 20% markup). We need many volunteers from 9/16 through 9/23!Sign-up sheets will be available in Fellowship Hall on Sundays beginning August19th and on the church’s website plus on our new app, under Current Events.Please sign up for a shift or more! This sale benefits our church, its ministries, andthe wider community as well. Donations of furniture, household items, electronics,toys, games, sporting goods, baby items, books, music/video, tools, collectibles,jewelry, holiday & craft items, etc. (no clothing) in saleable condition may bedropped off on Sunday, 9/16 from 3-6pm and Mon, Tues & Wed (9/17, 18 & 19)6

from 3-8pm at the west entrance of the church, where volunteers will assist you.Questions? Contact Gail Clark at [email protected] or 630-881-3362 (Cell).Thank you!Garage Sale News Flash! “Detox your jewelry box”: Our annual garage sale iscoming up on September 22. Our jewelry department has been quite successful inthe last two years, we raised 2,000-that is ¼ of the total garage sale income of 8,000. The early collecting, sorting, cleaning and pricing helps us achieve this goal.Starting this Sunday you will see us with our basket at the west entrance staircase.Pop your jewelry donation into a plastic baggie and drop it into the basket. Weaccept all jewelry; broken, bits, pieces, single earrings, home crafted. We’ll find ahome for it. Questions, contact Trudi Connick at 630-968-6916Ladies of the Morning & Evening 8/10 – 11:30, BRIO Tuscan GrilleYorktown Center, 330 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, (630) 4241515-, Questions - contact Peggy Gutzke630/971-1382 [email protected] Sunday School Volunteers needed: This summer, the Sunday schooltheme will be “Investigating the Facts in Acts”. The children will be learningabout various stories in Acts. The format of Sunday school will be to read thestory from Acts and then do a craft/game that relates to the story. TeachersNeeded: 9/2 (movie), 9/9, 9/16. Nursery Volunteers: 8/5, 9/2, 9/9, 9/16. Pleasecontact Barb Hammack at [email protected] or Joyce Doemland [email protected] our Building During the Summer: During summer hours ourBuilding & Grounds ministry has had some frequent conversations as to how wesecure the building when our weeknight schedule changes during summer months.In response we will keep the west doors locked each evening until after Labor DayWeekend when regular programming resumes. We ask that if you have a meetingall ministry/committee leaders use your key cards for entry. Thank you for yourcooperation in securing our church building.SCARCE: We will be collecting used crayons for SCARCE to be peeled, meltedand poured to make larger crayons for children with special needs. Please help fillour bucket located in the west entrance. Crayons - View Full Calendar Online Registrations, View all of ourupcoming activities on our calendar. Dena ProvenzanoADULT COLORING: Studies have shown that coloring reduces stress andanxiety, and provides relaxation. In addition to those benefits, our Adult Coloringgroup also provides fellowship - and we will be coloring all throughout thesummer in our new location in the Church Library on the 5th level. Come join uson Tuesdays, 10AM to 12NOON. Even if you have not colored before, or don'thave pencils or books, you are welcome. We always have extra supplies for visitors!We look forward to seeing you and sharing the benefits of Adult Coloring.7

Mission Ministry: Calling all volunteers - join our prison ministry team at theIllinois Youth Center (Warrenville)! Each Thursday evening, two members of ourteam teach a “life skills” class to help better prepare the youth for life outside thejuvenile justice system. You can volunteer as often as you would like, but youdon’t need to be there every week. Our spring semester has begun. If you areinterested in this rewarding volunteer opportunity, please contact Amy Curranat [email protected] or 630-964-2205 for more information.Amazon Smile: When you shop @AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donationto First Congregational United Church of el Flowers: Did you know that the flowers displayed on the Chancel aredonated by church members? Everyone is invited to donate flowers in joy,celebration or remembrance of a loved one. The cost to donate is 35.00 and thereis a sign up calendar on the bulletin board on the Sanctuary level, south entrance.When you donate a floral arrangement you are encouraged to take it home withyou following service so that you may enjoy its purpose. We do ask, however, thatyou return the vase so that we can recycle them with the florist. Any questions,please see Linda Schranz or Barb Hammack.MANNA: Manna Cards- Manna Cards- There are three easy ways to purchasecards and increase income for our church ministries. You can purchase or orderfor purchase actual cards, you can reload cards you have purchased and you cannow get ecards on your device. You can go to Email Laurie Olsen at [email protected] and Steve Johnson [email protected] or come by the Manna Table during Coffee Hour.Conscious Bean Coffee- This is the direct trade coffee served during coffee hourthat travels from San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala to our church. We purchase thecoffee for North Central College Enactus a student run organization. You canpurchase this coffee for your own use during coffee hour. It is available in onepound bags or KCups. New flavored coffees are now available. Come learn more!Greater Chicago Food Depository Wednesday Night Repack: Join churchmembers each Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 9:00 pm for a food repack session.The Greater Chicago Food Depository is located at 4100 W. Ann Lurie Place,which is just off the Stevenson Expressway at Pulaski Road. For moreinformation, contact David Hersemann at [email protected], or Laurel Carlson [email protected] Witness in Society: Make a positive difference. examinescurrent justice issues within the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in today’sworld, and offers opportunities to take personal action. Receive weekly justiceaction alerts from the UCC by going to Click on “Advocate for Justice,”then click on “Take Action.” You can receive justice alerts by email or text. Signup. You CAN make a difference in the world.8



Coming Up This WeekSUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 20189:30 AM - 10:30 PM Sunday School9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Worship Service-Sanctuary10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Blood Pressure checks-ParlorMONDAY, AUGUST 6, 20186:00 AM Acceptance Group of Alcoholics Anonymous-Coffee House5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Martial Arts Chapel6:30 PM - 8:15 PM HFD Budget Assistance program - 603/604TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 20186:00 AM Acceptance Group of Alcoholics Anonymous-Coffee House10:00 AM Adult Coloring Group-Library6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Technology Committee meeting-504WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 20186:00 AM Acceptance Group of Alcoholics Anonymous-Coffee House9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Bible Study (at members' homes)11:00 AM Church Staff Meeting-Library12:00 PM Administrative Deadline for Bulletin6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Greater Chicago Food Depository Wednesday NightRepack7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PFLAG-Chapel7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Alanon meeting-Coffee HouseTHURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 20186:00 AM Acceptance Group of Alcoholics Anonymous-Coffee House9:00 AM - 10:00 AM FCLC Jumpbunch Parlor7:00 PM Scouts-Fellowship HallFRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 20186:00 AM Acceptance Group of Alcoholics Anonymous-Coffee House5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Martial Arts Chapel8:15 PM Two Way Street Concert-Coffee HouseSATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 201811:00 AM - 1:00 PM Martial Arts Parlor12:00 PM - 4:00 PM All Bridge Saints-Fellowship Hall/Kitchen11

An Open and Affirming Congregation1047 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-968-0358OUR CHURCH STAFFThe Rev. Scott Oberle, Senior Pastor . [email protected] Sanders, Minister of Pastoral Care and Visitation . [email protected] Karen Nachtigall, Pastoral Ministry [email protected] Calpin, Director of Music Ministries . [email protected] Carini, Assistant to the Minister of Music . [email protected] Provenzano, Director of Youth [email protected] Director of Family Ministries . @uccdg.orgLeslie McFarland, Administrative Secretary [email protected] Rutter, Bookkeeper. [email protected] Lorek, Custodian/Maintenance Supervisor. [email protected] Choate, Director, First Congregational Learning Center . [email protected] Humphreys, Two Way Street Coffee House . [email protected] Hammack, A-V Specialist. [email protected] Potter, Broadcasting Ministries [email protected] Kono, Band Director . [email protected] Rev. Dr. Robert D. Schieler, Pastor EmeritusOur church staff is available Monday – Thursday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. andFridays by appointment.Office Phone: 630-968-0358 Office E-mail: [email protected] pastoral emergencies, Pastor Scott can be reached at 630-432-0380. Visit our weekly Sunday Service on channel 6 each Sunday at 11:30am or viewthe service online at www.uccfn.orgWebsite: www.uccdg.orgFirst Congregational Learning CenterFCLC Website: www.fclcdg.orgFacebook: