Health Works East Bay: Connecting Men of Color to Careers in HealthcareContact ListEric Abrams, Director of Diversity Initiatives, UC Berkeley Haas School of [email protected] Abrams has a national reputation as a gifted administrator and outstanding public speaker who hasconsistently placed the needs of students first and foremost. He has been successful in a number ofdifferent settings including as Director of Admission at Pitzer College, at Berkeley Law, and in the StanfordMBA Admission Office. Most recently, he served as Assistant Dean for Diversity Outreach in Stanford'sOffice of Undergraduate Admission.Orson Aguilar, CEO, Greenlining [email protected] Aguilar is the Executive Director of the Greenlining Institute, one of the nation’s largest and mostsuccessful multi-ethnic, advocacy and leadership development nonprofits. Greenlining envisions a nationwhere race is never a barrier to economic opportunity and communities of color thrive. Because people ofcolor will be the majority of our nation’s population by 2040, Greenlining believes that America will prosperonly if communities of color prosper. Under Orson’s leadership, Greenlining has become a leading voice inthe movement to fight redlining by advocating for greenlining policies, particularly in the areas of theeconomy, the environment, health, energy, voting, and telecommunications.Diane Aranda, Program Manager, Richmond, The California [email protected] Aranda is a program officer for the California Endowment, a private statewide health foundation. Sheis also the Program Manager for Healthy Richmond. Diane has more than 20 years of experience workingto address the health and human service needs of diverse communities. Her focus at the Endowment is onimproving community health and the elimination of health disparities in the Bay Area. Prior to joining theEndowment she was a program director at the Prevention Institute in Oakland, where she was responsiblefor advancing the organization’s programs addressing health disparities, nutrition and physical activity. Sheserved seven years as a program officer for The San Francisco Foundation, and as a project manager forthe Community Foundation of Silicon Valley. In addition to her experience in philanthropy, Diane hasworked as a health advocate developing regional coalitions of community-based organizations and healthprofessionals throughout California when she worked as a project coordinator for the Latino Coalition for aHealthy California.1

Philip Arca, Interim Executive Director at CASA of Contra Costa [email protected] Arca has a lifelong commitment to social justice that involves direct support of individuals, systemicchange, sustainability, creativity and the joy of allowing all to realize their fullest potential. Most recently, hehas been Interim Executive Director for a foster youth program. Philip has worked in senior nutritionservices, and a youth science outreach effort in the East Bay and consults with various real estate/socialenterprise projects in Oakland. He is formerly the Executive Director of a 7 million, faith-based socialservices organization working throughout Alameda County. He served was on the Editorial Board of theSocial Enterprise Reporter and has published articles in Advancing Philanthropy and The Nonprofit Times.Philip has taught classes at Cal State Hayward’s Nonprofit Management Extension Program and in theGraduate Museum Studies Program at JFK University.Ignatius Bau, Private Attorney and [email protected] Bau is an independent consultant who has previously worked as a program director for a statewideprivate foundation, policy director for a national minority health organization, program manager for anational capacity-building program, and immigration and civil rights attorney. He has served on the boardsof directors of national, state, and local organizations, including the California Budget Project and Legal AidAssociation of California. As a consultant, he has facilitated strategic planning and program developmentfor the National Council on Interpreters in Health Care, National Council of Asian Pacific IslanderPhysicians, California Health Care Safety Net Institute, Chinese Community Health Care Association, SanFrancisco Senior Center, and San Francisco Hep B Free.Diana M. Campoamor, President, Hispanics in [email protected] Campoamor is President of Hispanics in Philanthropy, a network of philanthropists that includes mostof the international foundations and many corporations in the United States. Under her leadership, HIP hasinvested over 40 million in small Latino nonprofits and leaders. Using an innovative collaborative approach,HIP has supported grassroots organization with a potential to grow to scale. In partnership with localfunders and donors, HIP has worked in 19 different sites in the US and Latin America.Roxanne Carrillo Garza, Healthy Richmond Hub [email protected] Carrillo Garza is the Hub Manager of the Healthy Richmond, Building Healthy CommunitiesInitiative which is a 10 year initiative funded by the California Endowment (TCE). Roxanne works with TCE,numerous community partners, systems leaders and community stakeholders; to develop collective policyadvocacy strategies to improve health, safety, schools and neighborhood environments, as well aseconomic development opportunities. Prior to joining Bay Area LISC in 2013, Roxanne was a Public HealthProgram Manager for Contra Costa Health Services where she worked on environmental justice, alcoholpolicy, neighborhood improvements and violence prevention efforts across Contra Costa County.2

Elena Chávez Quezada, Senior Program Officer, Economic Security, Walter and Elise Haas [email protected] Chávez Quezada joined the Walter and Elise Haas Fund as a Senior Program Officer, EconomicSecurity in 2015. Before joining the Haas Fund she was a Senior Program Officer at Tipping PointCommunity where she supported 12 nonprofit organizations fighting poverty in the Bay Area by leveragingfinancial and non-financial resources to help grantees increase organizational effectiveness and clientimpact. She also managed Tipping Point’s Mental Health Initiative leading research for the organization’swork with legal services organizations and to support grantees in providing trauma-informed services totheir clients. Elena worked on policy and advocacy issues in the areas of economic security and assetbuilding at the Aspen Institute and is currently a fellow with the NextGen Network leadership developmentprogram at the Pahara Institute.Dr. Jocelyn Garrick, Director, Alameda Health Pipeline [email protected] Garrick, MD MS directs the Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership and is EMS DeputyMedical Director. She was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and attended medical school at the Universityof Southern California. She trained in Emergency Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of MedicineJacobi/Montefiore Emergency Medicine Residency Program in New York, serving as chief resident duringher final year in 2001. She is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who, after completing herresidency, obtained a Masters in Science in Epidemiology from Cornell University.Lynda Gayden, Executive Director, Biotech [email protected] Gayden was appointed executive director of Biotech Partners in August 2014. Since 1993, BiotechPartners has focused on helping youth achieve their goals by training and positioning them for technicalpositions and careers in bioscience and allied fields. Most recently, Gayden served as executive director ofthe Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation, where she was instrumental in stabilizing the organizationand launching a variety of community programs and initiatives focused on caring for and improving thehealth of all people in Contra Costa with special attention to those who are most vulnerable. Her otherexperiences include service as executive director of the Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) in SanJose, and positions with the Volunteer Center of San Francisco, the National League of Cities and as ateacher in San Jose’s Franklin McKinley Unified School District. She currently serves on the Board ofDirectors of the Kian Jordan Rose Foundation.3

David Gray, Chief of Staff, Office of Richmond Mayor, Tom ButtCo-chair H-WEB Advisory BoardDavid [email protected] Gray is a native of New Orleans, LA. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with aMaster of Public Policy and earned BA’s in Sociology, Social Policy and Practice, and Urban Studies fromTulane University. Prior to joining Mayor Butt’s staff, David was the Poverty to Opportunity ProjectCoordinator for the Louisiana Budget Project. His academic and professional background afforded himmuch experience in public policy analysis, community development, non-profit management, and socialentrepreneurship.Tessie Guillermo, CEO, ZeroDivide and Corporate Director, Dignity Health, [email protected] Guillermo’s background is in two primary content areas: health, and technology. She was financedirector for a community health center for several years, followed by 15 years as CEO for a national healthadvocacy organization focused on underserved communities. For the past 13 years she has been Presidentand CEO of ZeroDivide, a former philanthropy, now a social enterprise that focuses on helping companiesand organizations with the integration of digital media and technology to improve health, economicopportunity, and civic engagement in low-income, minority and other disadvantaged communities. Tessiecurrently serves on the Board of Directors for Dignity Health, the NonProfit Finance Fund, and the CaliforniaState University East Bay Education FoundationBarrie Hathaway, Executive Director, Stride [email protected] is a former supply chain management executive in the high technology sector working at fortune 500companies including Sun Microsystems, Bay Networks and Marconi Communications. In 2010, he wasrecognized as National Social Enterprise Leader of the Year, by the Social Enterprise Alliance and in 2012received the Jefferson Award for nonprofit leadership. He is the president of the board of directors for CareThrough Touch Institute and an appointed member of the Richmond Workforce Development Board. Barrieis a past fellow of the Leaderspring Executive Fellows program and an alumnus of the University of SanFrancisco where he completed a B.S. in Organizational Development and a Master of NonprofitAdministration.James W. Head, President, East Bay Community [email protected] W. Head is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the East Bay Community Foundation. Beforecoming to the Foundation in 2014, he served for 10 years as Vice President for Programs at The SanFrancisco Foundation, where he spearheaded initiatives on race, equity, poverty, housing, economicdevelopment, and youth development. He has more than 30 years of experience in philanthropy, nonprofitmanagement and technical assistance; community and economic development; and public interest law.Prior to joining The San Francisco Foundation, he was president of the National Economic Developmentand Law Center for 18 years.4

Peggy Hilden, Healthcare Education Manager, Kaiser [email protected] came to Kaiser Foundation Hospital in 2006 after working 25 years in the nonprofit community as asenior strategist and development professional. Housed in the Patient Care Services department, whichoversees operations for the 21 Northern California hospitals, Peggy's role is to provide funding in thecommunity for innovative programs that focus on increasing diversity in the healthcare workforce as well asprovide a link to understanding the emerging needs of a large healthcare employer to educational partnersand other efforts focused on workforce development.Ricardo G. Huerta Niño, Senior Consultant, Insight Center for Community [email protected] G. Huerta Niño is Director of Planning and Strategic Partnerships at The Unity Council, an Oaklandcommunity development corporation. He is also a consultant for community and economic development inthe Bay Area.His experience includes working in philanthropy at the Haas Jr. Fund, the Open Society Institute, theGoldman Environmental Prize, and the San Francisco Foundation. Ricardo also teaches in the Departmentof City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a Visiting Scholar at theInstitute for the Study of Societal Issues (ISSI) and an Affiliated Scholar at the Center for Research onNative American Issues.Chris Iglesias, CEO, Unity [email protected] Iglesias is the Chief Executive Officer of The Unity Council, a 50 year-old non-profit communitydevelopment corporation located in Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood. The Unity Council employs over 250individuals, has a 17M annual budget and 125M in assets. Mr. Iglesias worked in the public sector for thepast 23 years prior to joining The Unity Council in January of 2013.He started his career with the City of Oakland in 1990, and then worked for BART before joining the SanFrancisco Redevelopment Agency in 1993. In 2005 he joined Mayor Gavin Newsom’s team as the firstDirector of CityBuild. He then became the Executive Director of the Human Rights Commission beforereturning to City Hall focusing on city-wide and regional contracting and workforce development policyissues.Regina Jackson, President, East Oakland Youth Development [email protected] Jackson’s involvement with EOYDC began in 1984 when, as a graduate of the Coro Fellows Programin Public Affairs, she was invited to serve on the Board of Directors. While the mission is to develop thesocial and leadership capacities of youth, Ms. Jackson has done an excellent job of providing communityengagement, youth empowerment and leadership development resources as well. She ensures that theCenter offers a safe, nurturing environment. Ms. Jackson sets the strategic direction for the Center, and has5

created an environment where young people can grow and thrive. Her Theory of Change model – fromwhich thousands of EOYDC’s youth have benefitted personally and professionally – is focused on characterdevelopment, readiness and access.Neil Jacobson, Founder and CEO, [email protected] Jacobson is the founder and CEO of Abilicorp, a business innovation consulting company. Abilicorp’smission is to significantly increase the employment rate of people with disabilities by promotingentrepreneurs with disabilities and eliminating employment barriers. Neil retired in 2008 from Wells FargoBank after 29 years, most recently serving as Senior Vice President in charge of their System AutomationManagement and Wireless Technology Divisions, and previously as Chief Systems Architect for the retailbusiness. Over the past 35 years Neil has been an advocate and change agent for the economicdevelopment of people with disabilities. In 1975 he co-founded the CIL Computer Training Program, anationally recognized training program, enabling people with significant disabilities to become computerprogrammers. Neil also founded the Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing, and helpedcreate the Neil Jacobson Computer Center in Uganda.Angela Jenkins, Director, Community Benefit Funded Programs, Kaiser [email protected] Jenkins has an extensive background in strategic planning, developing, and leading collaborativepartnerships to execute programmatic goals and community health initiatives. She has experiencemanaging community health needs assessments and planning, and currently implements community benefitstrategies focused on prevention for communities that experience disparate health outcomes. She overseesfinancial investments for workforce training programs, and leverages technical expertise and funding tosupport not for profit organizations.Kenneth Jones, Esq., Private Real Estate [email protected] Jones is an accomplished urban real estate development, finance, and project managementprofessional with over 17 years of direct experience. His leadership in a number of important initiativessurrounding urban revitalization, affordable housing development, urban infill, and transit-orienteddevelopment has literally impacted the lives of thousands of families and individuals.Jahmil R. Lacey, Youth Services Manager, Tiburcio Vasquez Health [email protected] H-WEB Advisory BoardJahmil sits on the Insight Center’s Board of Directors and is a housing manager with Fred Finch YouthCenter, the Director of Urban Male Health with Healthy Oakland and the Youth Services Manager atTiburcio Vasquez Health Center. Previously, he was an Associate Director of Career and Education atYouthUprising.6

Among his greatest experiences has been his involvement in the redesign of Castlemont High School andhelping to create a community economic development strategy for East Oakland. Jahmil served as a Policyand Strategy Analyst with the New York City Economic Development Corporation where he developedpolicy and programs to stimulate small business development, job creation, infrastructure investment, andeconomic revitalization in the City's outer boroughs.Beatrice Lee, Executive Director, Diversity in Health Training [email protected] M. Lee, Executive Director, most recently served as Executive Director of Community Health AsianAmericans where she helped to grow the organization to an annual operating budget of 4 million.Specializing in creating behavioral health services for Asian Americans, Beatrice became a statewide policyleader and advocate for diverse populations in the East Bay (both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties).Beatrice is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley and also holds a Masters in PublicAdministration.Ruben Lizardo, Director, Local Government and Community Relations, UC [email protected] Director of Local Government and Community Relations, Rubén is the liaison between the Campus theCity of Berkeley, Richmond and other cities in the East Bay. Ruben also plays a leadership role insupporting local and regional campus-community partnerships across the East Bay and greater Bay Area.Rubén has worked with local community organizations and city government, as well as with state andfederal policy makers in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, among others. He has an extensivebackground in community outreach, organizing and research. He served as Senior Director at Oaklandbased PolicyLink, where he coordinated the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color.Laura Lopez, State Healthcare Policy [email protected] Lopez is a State Healthcare Policy Commissioner and the former Executive Director of the StreetLevel Health Project (SLHP) in Oakland. In September 2007, she was selected as a Robert Wood JohnsonFoundation Community Health Leader. In August 2012, Laura was appointed by Assembly Speaker John A.Perez to serve as a commissioner for the California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission to representconsumers.7

Jack Mills, Chief Workforce Strategy Officer and Director of the National Network of SectorPartners, Insight Center for Community Economic [email protected] Mills provides strategic direction for the Insight Center’s employment-related efforts to help people andcommunities become, and remain, economically secure. He also guides an Insight Center initiative, theNational Network of Sector Partners, to increase access to good jobs, improve job quality, and strengthenemployment equity, in order to achieve economic security for people and benefit industry sectors they