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    Page Intentionally Left Blank Situational Information CASE NAME: SGT SNYDER 1. You are the Reenlistment NCO for HHC, 1st Bde, Fort Campbell KY 45347-5010. 2. SGT Snyder is on levy for Germany. His request for concurrent travel has been approved...
  • Creating Thematic Statements

    Creating Thematic Statements

    Thesis: In Macbeth, Shakespeare's main character moves from a loyal warrior to a crazed tyrant because of the witches' prophecy, his fear of losing the kingdom, and his distance from loved ones. Write down the thesis, then label its parts:...


    Moon phases occur as a result of the Earth's position relative to the Moon and the Sun. True. False. QUESTION 8. We always see the different sides of the Moon from Earth. True. False. QUESTION 9. During New Moon, the...
  • Congruent Triangles

    Congruent Triangles

    In pairs, determine whether comparing the following pieces of information would be sufficient to show the triangles are congruent. 3 sides the same.
  • Meet Rosina - Teachez

    Meet Rosina - Teachez

    MEET ROSINA 4 VOCABULARY Deaf: not able to hear well or not able to hear at all Language: a set of signs, symbols, or movements that have meaning Signing: using hands and movements to talk Culture: a way of life,...
  • Review SYNTHETIC DIVISION to find roots of third

    Review SYNTHETIC DIVISION to find roots of third

    Rational eigenvalues will be integral factors of the constant coefficient of the characteristic polynomial . example: find the eigenvalues for the matrix potential rational roots are factors of 14. +1, -1, +2, -2, +7, -7, +14, -14 potential rational roots...
  • From Classical to Contemporary

    From Classical to Contemporary

    But is it the right beginning? It is a little too ordinary?" (29) A shopping list Mirrors—Woolf, Dalloway, both ignore (57); "through the looking glass" (56) As fictional characters (61) "there's time. And place. And there's you, Mrs. D. I...
  • Nationalism, Sectionalism, & the Era of Good Feelings

    Nationalism, Sectionalism, & the Era of Good Feelings

    What is NATIONALISM? First, let's define NATION. A large group of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, living in a particular area. NATIONALISMis extreme loyalty or devotion to your nation (right or wrong). Why was nationalism on...