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Classy, simple, elegant, and minimalist eatery.

The modest, minuscule Soy Cafe on Hyperion was just the start. Years later it evolved into Viet Noodle Bar, an airy, minimalist spot located in Atwater Village with white walls, exposed bricks, and wooden tables. It later expaned to Westside on Pico Boulevard, joining the Santa Monica's neighborhood restaurant scene. Each and every dish is made from delicate, fresh, and pure ingredients. They are high in balance and low in complex seasoning, creating a light and comforting experience.

Fresh Homemade Soymilk Created Every Morning.

"Soy milk is a form of zen meditation...Soaking it, blending it, extracting the milk, and then cooking it."

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“This noodle bar has got some of the best pho in the city -- seriously, trust us.”